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In observance of the Easter holiday, our offices will will be closed on Friday, April 18, 2014. We will resume our normal business hours on Monday, April 21, 2014. Please contact should you have any questions.

For over a decade, Castle Branch has been helping businesses make safe and informed decisions by providing employment, business, and tenant screening, as well as drug testing and investigative services.

Castle Branch Employment Screening provides employers with the tools to make informed hiring decisions, avoid costly litigation, and enhance productivity. Drug testing services further increase the effectiveness of an employment screening program by isolating applicants with a history of substance abuse. A thorough employment screening program, in combination with our drug testing services, provides employers with the power to attract and retain a safe and efficient workforce.

Castle Branch Employment Screening services detail an individual's or organization's financial and legal histories. Our Tenant Screening services provide landlords with the ability to evaluate and screen prospective tenants. Whether extending credit or entering into a contractual agreement, Castle Branch offers crucial insight into a second party's financial and legal stability, thereby reducing the risk of aging accounts receivable, bad debt, and contract violations.

In matters of a more serious and complex nature, The Castle Branch Investigative Group (TCBIG) offers the highest level of professional investigative services. Surveillance, corporate security, loss and theft prevention, espionage and due diligence are but a few areas of our expertise. TCBIG further demonstrates the Castle Branch Advantage and our unique ability to provide a complete spectrum of security and screening services.

Our experience and dedication to service have made Castle Branch the name to trust. Whether working with a large corporation or a small business, Castle Branch ensures that businesses make safe and informed decisions.

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Ms. Peterson was thoroughly confused. The Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) detained her newest employee, Elena, for being in the country illegally. Ms. Peterson had seen and made a copy of Elena's social security card before she hired her and thought that Elena was eligible to work in the United States. After showing a copy of Elena's card to an investigator, Ms. Peterson was informed that while it looked as official as any other social security card, it was a fake. The investigator explained that there is a serious problem with counterfeit social security cards in the United States and that Ms. Peterson should be more careful in verifying the authenticity of her applicants' identification documents and work status. Ms. Peterson realized that she could have saved herself a lot of time and trouble if she had requested a social security verification as part of her employment screening package.